Egg Hoppers


2 cups white long grain Rice
3/4 cup THICK Coconut milk or Evaporated milk
1 tbs Cooked white Rice
1 tsp dry Yeast
1/2 tsp Sugar
2 tbs lucke warm water
1-2 cups THIN Coconut milk or diluted Evap. milk

Soak rice in water overnight (or until soft).
Add yeast and sugar into luke warm water and set aside.
Drain water from cooked rice.
Blend the soaked rice, milk and cooked rice in a blender until thick and creamy (The consistancy should be that of thick cream).
Transfer into a bowl and add the foamy yeast mixture. Mix well.
Close and leave in a warm placefor at least 6 hrs.
Add thin warm coconut (or diluted evap. milk) to the thick batter while stirring (The consistancy of the batter should be similar to pan-cake batter).
Add salt to taste.
Pour spoon fuls into heated, greased hopper-pan (Can experiment with a Chinese wok, which is similar in shape to a hopper-pan)
make sure that the inside of the pan is well covered with the batter.
Close with lid and cook until done.
To make egg hoppers, cover the inside of the pan with the batter by swerling it (same as before) and then crack-drop an egg to the center, close with lid and cook until done.

The combination of plain and egg Hoppers are delicious when served with sambol or curry.