Thai Green Curry - Gaeng Khieow Wuan

Thai Green Curry - Gaeng Khieow Wuan

Fish curry is actually a protein rich recipe. Oily fish, mostly salmon (Raavas), mackerel (Bangda), King Fish (Surmai), and others., contain a lot of necessary fatty acids that enable to fight heart disease and even shield against a number of kinds of cancers.

Thai Green Curry - Gaeng Khieow Wuan
300 grammes chicken, finely sliced (about three fillets)
1 400ml can Thai Gold Organic Coconut Milk
2 teapoons Thai Gold Green Curry Paste
1 teaspoon raw sugar (optional)
2 teaspoons Thai Gold Fish Sauce
250 mls chicken stock
1 serving or about 300 grammes of your favourite mixed fresh
vegetables, roughly chopped. (the best vegetables with this
curry are softer flesh, like eggplant, courgettes, green beans)

Add the coconut milk to a saucepan and heat up to just boiling.
Add the curry paste and cook until the curry paste has dissolved into the milk, stirring
Regularly as coconut milk can separate.
Add the chicken, fish sauce, chicken stock and sugar.
Cook for five minutes, stirring regularly.
Add the vegetables and leave cooking for a further 2 minutes or so.
Serve with Thai Gold Organic Jasmine Rice.

Sri Lankan Cloves

Sri Lankan Cloves, Worlds finest spices
Cloves can be cooked whole or ground, either because they are very powerful, they are used in a form that is used sparingly. Spice is the type of tobacco known in the coffee shop, west, occasionally, Indonesia in order to create the smoke and Europe and Asia spliff marijuana as kreteks in the local mix of hashish, is used throughout and. Clove is an important raw material of high culture in China and Japan. Bold refinery has been used used to treat toothache and a wide range of aromatherapy oils of clove dental emergency.

Sri Lankan cloves historically has been used in the Cuisine of worldwide, it is ground with other spices, mainly in the dish and the source was made in almost all is used. They are also an important component of green chai tea and cardamom. Biryani cooked in order to detect the spread of it (this corresponds to the pilaf taste of local spices), and is usually added to enhance the overall taste and presentation of the United States.